079 GumLeaf USA

Boots? Were talking about Boots? Yes its one of the most important pieces of your outdoor hunting equipment you can purchase. After Interviewing Jack of GUMLEAF USA, IM SOLD! I know you will be also! These are handmade, highest of quality. Take a listen to everything that goes into making a good hunting boot! This should help those who are thinking about upgrading into a new set of boots. Hope you guys enjoy! 




078 Point to Retrieve Podcast - The Gun Dog Notebook Pt. 1

POINT TO RETRIEVE PODCAST - We got to sit down with Mr. Gun Dog Notebook Himself, a fellow podcaster to chat about how The Gun Dog Notebook started, his dogs he trained himself, and how he became a trainer. Mr. Smith and his podcast (The Gun Dog Notebook Podcast) has blown up and now part of the Project Upland Podcast Series. The Gun Dog Notebook and Mr. Smith have been steamrolling into the forefront of the upland industry, with training, podcasts, and articles featured among multiple upland companies. We thank the Gun Dog Notebook for his time and passion in the upland industry.



077 Hunting the Rut w/ Growing Wild

Zach Joins us this week to tell us how he prepares and hunts for the Rut, and his RUT-cation. We break down his ideas and thoughts going into hunting the Rut. Zach and his Family have been successful for many years when encountering mature whitetail deer. We also get the opportunity to talk a little bit of Gun Dogs! Hope this episode gets you guys Fired UP FOR THE RUT!!



076 Deer Dogs & Game Recovery (Ricks Tracking)

It’s that time of year where the RUT is starting to fire up and people are taking their RUTcation. We all have known someone or been there with a shot you may have regretted or just the circumstances of loosing blood. With the population of tracking dogs, it has been a go to when finding wounded whitetail. Rick from Rick's Tracking, a Green Bay, WI resident explains the ins and outs of what to do after the shot.



075 Hunters Spotlight - Johnson Chang

NEW SEGMENT(HUNTERS SPOTLIGHT) We are stating a new segment to give the everyday hunt/ weekend warrior a voice to tell their story in the hunting industry. Its not all about the tv shows you see, or 200 inch whitetails dropped on game farms. This is the stories of the 8-5 blue collar, Learn as you go! Johnson Chang is A story of non hunter to hunter. I hope you all enjoy! thanks for your support!



074 Hunt Stand App

This day and age everyone is using some sort of digital mapping. Hunt Stand App has stepped their game up to give you the ultimate hunting advantage. Tune into this podcast to learn about what Hunt Stand has to offer. Of course we wind up taking hunting and Josh from Hunt Stand gives a look into his October Prong Horn Hunt in Eastern Montana. (******Listen in for a listener appreciation discount code for Hunt Stand!****) Thank you for listening and don't forget to subscribe and leave us some feed back!




073 Point to Retrieve Podcast - Best Gun Dogs

Zach and Jake had a great opportunity to chat with Best Gun Dogs. Best Gun Dogs has a known name and brand in the Upland Industry for their training and passion in the Upland Industry. With a passion with Shorthairs, and Dog Handling, Hunting over upland dogs. You can get a few tips and tricks from one of the best in the industry! Thank you for your support and hit the Subscribe Button and please give us a REVIEW!



071 Intro to the Point to Retrieve Podcast

We are proud to bring you the Point To Retrieve Podcast (A Upland and Waterfowl Podcast) Learn who Point to Retrieve is, and what they are about in the Upland Industry! We are very proud to have them on board recording podcasts under the Release Hunting Podcast. This has been in the works for sometime and We are all excited to release their first podcast intro! Thank you to all the supporters along the way! 



069 Point to Retrieve w/ Jake Tritz

We sat down and chatted with the other half of Point To Retrieve's Jake Tritz and his newest adventure into the outdoor Industry of Podcasts. We also covered a wide range of Hunting whitetail, hunt tests with his lab, upland and waterfowl. This is a good Getting to know Point To Retrieve intro to their outdoor life! Jake has a huge passion in the outdoors and strives to have a superior Hunting Dog. Thanks for listening! Happy Hunting, and Good LUCK!


063 Big Grass Outfitters

This week I had Big Grass Outfitters On from Canada to talk spring bear hunting and what it takes to get to Canada to hunt bear and other accommodations at their camp. It’s very informational for anyone interested in booked a trip to Canada to hunt geese or ducks, bear, wolf, ect. After the Podcast interview I felt like packing my bags and leaving the country to go chase black bear. Hope you guys enjoy this podcast and thank you to all those who continue to listen and support!



061 Hunters Blend Coffee

I sat down with Paul of Hunters Blend Coffee to dive into what Hunters Blend Coffee was about. I wanted to know how this all started and why this should be the Hunters Choice in coffee, Believe me, this goes beyond just coffee , it goes into other countries and what they do to put back into the outdoors and our habitat! and of course ends with a great hunting story! I cant say enough to be apart of the Hunters Blend Coffee Family and what they do for me and my Family.