Wes - Host/ Founder

I was raised in a hunting family from the day I was born. My bloodline and hunting run deep. My Grandfather, was a Yooper, who has a historical impact on the hunting in the Upper Peninsula. My Grandpa helped re introduce the Wild Turkey back into habitat in the U.P. He had a passion for the outdoors. He was also a great Upland Hunter and Dog Trainer. This trickled Down to my father who also enjoyed Hunting and Upland Hunting with our Bird Dog when I was growing up. When I was younger I used to walk the woods behind my house with a co2 pellet gun and squirrel hunt or rabbit hunt. Later in my years I received my first target, ladder stand, and bow. I practiced all summer and purchased my first archery license at 15. I was raised never to shoot a doe or to ever shoot a small buck. This probably made my will power to pass deer much easier. My family enjoyed Gun Deer Camp every year until my dad decided enough was enough and quit. After spending 8 years in the United States Marine Corps. I got back into hunting and surrounded myself with people that continue to teach me every day. With the Passion of hunting and talking about hunting and the industry, it was my goal some way some how to get involved in the hunting industry and try to promote it in a positive way, to help influence our youth to get outdoors and not glass over the reality of what the industry can influence on people. The Podcast was created to help promote the positive of the Industry and I told myself I would note sell out and be blunt on what is right and what is wrong. I strive to carry this brand with the team I have to deliver the best content I can and entertain you all. Thank you for tuning in.

Wes Hanson – Founder Release Hunting Podcast


Justin - Cohost/ marketing

I am an Arizona native living in Wisconsin. I’ve been hunting and fishing since I was a boy. I chose bow hunting over any other form of hunting and I have the pleasure and joy of teaching my son the wonderful world of the outdoors.


Michael - cohost/ devops

Growing up in the north woods of WI and having a father from the Upper Peninsula of MI caused me to endeavor into the outdoors at a young age. The early years of hunting were up at a family deer camp on my dad’s side of the family. My father ended up passing away suddenly which caused me to take a hiatus from hunting because all I knew of it then was growing up with it and learning from him him. I picked up hunting again seven years later with a primary focus on upland hunting and bow hunting. I have a big green thumb as well which contributes to restoring land and growing food plots from seed.


Brandon - cohost/ Photographer

I can remember sitting on the couch impatiently waiting for the phone to ring. My father was a bow hunter sitting out in the elements mastering the art of how to pursue and ethically harvest one of gods wittiest animals, The whitetail.

That phone call had finally come my mother raced over to tell me "grab your boots and jacket it's time to go"

It all started at that moment, As the years passed I became addicted to the sport my father started bringing me out into the woods teaching me how to scout by learning the whitetails feeding bedding and travel routes. I would sit in the tree with my father waiting for endless hours just to catch a glimpse. By the age of 10 I finally got my own bow joined the 4-H team that my father participated in as a instructor. My skills quickly advanced now earning my rights to receive my Hunters education certificate.

Couple years passed with opportunities of harvesting the Whitetail never could get it together start to finish. I was soon realized how intelligent these animals were until my opportunity came one morning It was November 11 with a full moon over my head as darkness soon faded into light I had been using my calling skills to hopefully lure in a whitetail buck. The moment I been waiting quickly arrived and I was under pressure once again. This buck was very aggressive he came barreling into to my call my heart rate spiked knees were trembling as I waited for him to step into my shooting lane. Holding my self together with everything I had he took that one step I needed, and I took a breath. I watched him run soon he became wobbly and as he took his last breath I couldn't believe it. I had successfully harvested my first whitetail knowing he would feed my family as for my first story that will live a life time.

Basic knowledge and patients will separate you from being a average hunter to an elite hunter. Through my earlier years I had gotten caught up in all the products that say this and say that which time again never brought me to success. I have harvest many whitetails which some can say it was pure luck or being in the right place at the right time which also plays a factor. Indeed I knew I had to continue my practices true as a arrow becoming one with the whitetail spending countless hours scouting and learning how the whitetail changes their feeding traveling and bedding through the the season change. The whitetail will always have our number it is their home which they know best. The season of 2014 was a season I will never forget I set a standard by glassing fields watching and learning bucks as they were in routine early on knowing what winds were right studying the the barometric pressure as well as body language. Opening day had finally come I had setup on a coupe bucks knowing where and when they would enter the field, the rest is history I harvested my largest whitetail first pope and young. The memories will never fade and as I can remember imagining what I would hope to come and that evening my imagination came true. Never lose sight of your imagination it's what drives my passion for the outdoors.